The Aspire & Succeed team have significant experience from the public and third sector within the fields of:

  • Raising achievement
  • Innovative youth work
  • Community advocacy
  • Best practice user/public engagement

This is further strengthened from our detailed and grass roots knowledge of local communities.

Since our founding, we have been commissioned to undertake a range of research projects locally to identity needs and develop new ideas for growing community life.

We express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all involved in our work here – from commissioners, partners to participants and friends.

‘Lozells Life’ Documentary Film (2008-2009)

An innovative new Programme from Urban Living in 2009 titled Beyond Bricks commissioned us to work with a group of local young people and produce a documentary film on what the community in Lozells really think of the area.

With support from an experienced city film maker , involvement of a group of very committed young people and using our extensive local contacts we set about completing an interesting short film between December 2008 & April 2009.

This was screened at our inaugural Awards Event to local families on Saturday 23rd May 2009.

Research for Housing Education Initiative (2009)

Birmingham City Council commissioned Neighbourhood Consultancy Ltd & Aspire & Succeed in January 2009 to undertake a brief history review of Aston, Lozells & Newtown. And using this research information to develop classroom materials for the introduction of its Housing Education Initiative in the area.

The end result allowed us to gather very interesting facts, stories and images of the heritage of each of the neighbourhoods and produce lesson plans with resources relevant to the National Curriculum. The materials were also applicable for use with adult learning and community workshops.

We tested the lesson plans and materials with our pupils on the Academic Tuition programme to ascertain their advice and feedback.

Vision Lozells Consultation Events (2009)

As part of a series of events and activities relating to Birmingham City Council’s consultation with residents on Housing regeneration plans in Lozells, Aspire & Succeed were commissioned to support engagement with young and older people from the area in February 2009.

A combination of street outreach work, flyer distribution by Holte Secondary School and a text message campaign with the incentive of a gift voucher secured participation of 40 young people to a very engaging afternoon of workshops.

Also innovatively, we organised an older people’s road show, where Aspire & Succeed arranged presentations and discussions with older people from different ethnic backgrounds by visiting them in their places of interests.

Both sets of events allowed for over 240 people in the area to be directly reached and ‘have their say’ in a way they would not have participated in if they were only sent a postal survey or invited to a public meeting.

Aspire & Succeed team members as active residents themselves extended their support to other Vision Lozells activities voluntarily – eg tours, residents meetings, publicity et al.

In November 2009, the programme won the prestigious UK Housing Award for its best practice consultation and we are extremely proud and honoured to have had the opportunity to be involved.

Project: EnPower, Princes Trust (2012)

The Princes Trust commissioned Aspire & Succeed to develop a youth-led anti violence video Ad campaign. The project involved local youth in researching and developing the ad to include clear messages against gun, knife and gang violence.

It was agreed, by the messages coming from them and their personal experiences it will give a weight of authenticty to the ad campaign to be later played in schools, youth clubs and other relevant places of interests.

Reclaim Our Streets: Young Peoples Views on The Riots (2012)

Following national recognition of Aspire & Succeed’s live response to the riots in Birmingham during August 2011, which contributed to no related recorded incidents in Lozells, we attracted a lot of interest. The experience of our local area in 2011 was different to that of past periodic tensions of unrest in 2005 and beyond in the 1980s.

The ‘Reclaim our streets’ programme commissioned us to undertake a research project led by young people to understand the events of the riots across the city in 2011 as felt by them.

The research team carried out peer-to-peer interviews and surveys with other young people along with gathering data from statutory agencies such as the Police, Courts and Probation service. The result of the project wasn’t an academic report but the finding were presented in an engaging special edition community newsletter distributed widely.

#ListenLozells Listening Campaign (2014)

During the summer of 2014, the People’s Health Trust commissioned us to undertake an area Listening Campaign called #ListenLozells. Through a range of activities – neighbourhood walks, workshops, house meetings and 1-to-1s with local people – we unearthed over 200 real life stories of life in Lozells.
Together with teams of local residents and community groups we narrowed the issues from these stories to specific neighbourhood priorities in a plan covering 1) Environment & Safety 2) Advice & Jobs; and 3) Children & Young People.

For highlights of #ListenLozells please check out the storify by clicking here.