Previous research by Aston Pride supported local schools assertions that one of the main barriers to Parental involvement in their children’s schooling is the parent’s ability to speak English.

So in the summers of 2009 & 2010, Aspire & Succeed obtained grant funding from Aston Pride’s English Language Project to deliver our ‘Easy English’ programme – 12 weeks of engaging classes, practical workshops and external activities to interest local parents in learning English.

Delivered from the Centre for the Aston Family in 2009 and from The Carpenters Road Hub in 2010; 4 separate groups of men and women completed the programme.

The main outcome of the courses has been the different motivations for learning English for the participants. Women felt the need to learn English in response to increasing responsibilities on them as Matriarchs or in a number of cases being able to navigate and access public services better on their own. The men’s focus on learning English was to access employment away from traditional industries and in response to citizenship matters.